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Looking for paid work on Starbarians, Hellbenders, and more?

2012-11-17 14:53:59 by Anigen

I figured I'd post this here too. My animation crew, Yotta, is looking to put out the feelers for animation artists to work with us on some of the projects we're working on, including Harry Partridge's Starbarians, and Psychicpebbles/Oney's Hellbenders.

Harry and Zach both kindly put out a couple of tweets about it, so feel free to go check those out if you're interested. For a direct link, here's the application page for this callout.

There may be callouts in the future as well, but this one is primarily geared toward staffing the aforementioned projects and potentially finding animators we can continue to work with in the future. If you feel you meet the qualifications specified on the application page, we'd love to hear from you, so please e-mail us!


- Jake Ganz

Looking for paid work on Starbarians, Hellbenders, and more?


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2012-11-17 15:32:48

Wow, that's a big opportunity!


2012-11-18 07:28:38

noice...i wish i had skills to partake of this opportunity


2012-11-18 07:28:51

Such talent!... Wasted.