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Hey Newgrounds,

Us dudes at Studio Yotta worked with Zach Hadel and Chris O'Neill on their most recent episode of Hellbenders. Feel free to check it out, a lot of work from all of us went into it and it was pretty exciting to have had it all ready to go for yesterday.

On that note, Yotta is always looking to meet animators who are interested in doing paid animation work on various projects. There's lots of work to do, so if you're interested in working with us, please e-mail us here at our current e-mail address with a sample of your portfolio and animation work - we'd love to hear from you! I'm not sure how many animators roam around here these days but I figured it'd at least be worth a shot to check.

Regardless, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year~

Hellbenders Christmas/Looking for animation work?

I figured I'd post this here too. My animation crew, Yotta, is looking to put out the feelers for animation artists to work with us on some of the projects we're working on, including Harry Partridge's Starbarians, and Psychicpebbles/Oney's Hellbenders.

Harry and Zach both kindly put out a couple of tweets about it, so feel free to go check those out if you're interested. For a direct link, here's the application page for this callout.

There may be callouts in the future as well, but this one is primarily geared toward staffing the aforementioned projects and potentially finding animators we can continue to work with in the future. If you feel you meet the qualifications specified on the application page, we'd love to hear from you, so please e-mail us!


- Jake Ganz

Looking for paid work on Starbarians, Hellbenders, and more?

Interested in animation assistant services? Check this out.

2012-07-19 14:27:33 by Anigen

I wanted to try something. I don't think I've ever seen anyone offer something like this - If there are people out there already doing it I apologize, but if not I figured I'd throw it out there.

Basic work samples:
animation test
recent drawings on my tumblr

As I've been working more lately, I've found that it is extremely nice to have someone helping out on your work, especially animations. Sometimes certain parts of the animation process really don't appeal to people, and that's where this assist comes in.

Hate doing in-betweens, clean up, or coloring/shading?
I've never seen anyone actually offer a service for this, but I thought it'd be an interesting idea to try a small commission service for people's animations in which I'll take on some of their workload per hour in order to help people get their flashes done faster. I would ask for a very reasonable, extremely low hourly rate, but I am even willing to do an hour of any of these processes for free if you're skeptical, so that you can be assured satisfaction.

What you get out of this:
- Faster work on your projects. I'll do any of the work you may consider "grunt work". Two people generally work twice as fast!
- Experience having an assistant. If you're interested in getting into the industry as an animator or even just having a taste of what it might be like, you might benefit from knowing the feeling of having someone work under you.
- A free hour of this service on any of your projects.
- The ability to boss someone around. Do you like to boss people around? Who doesn't like to boss people around. No wait where are you going COME BACK

What I get out of this:
- A little bit of money. Gotta pay bills and save for college next year. (currently my rates are quite low, but we can figure something out depending on what needs to be done on a given project)
- More experience.

- I'm most comfortable working on character animation and FX animation, but would be willing to work on anything else that you might need assist on.
- I'd be willing to do in-between animation, clean-up, coloring and shading, but if you have something else you need help with, let me know.
- I've worked in flash and photoshop for 7 years.

- This isn't a regular animation commission, and I'm not doing entire projects. I'm only doing assist work, so check "Service" above if you're wondering what I'm offering.
- PayPal only! (for now)
- I would be willing to animate on really any project, but I reserve the right to refuse if it's something I'm really uncomfortable working on.
- I would prefer to work with people who are serious about what they're doing and genuinely care about being an animator and getting animation projects done.
- I also prefer to work in flash Cs3, but I would also be willing to work in Flash/Photoshop Cs4 and Cs5, and I can generate .fla's for Flash 8.

If you're interested in a service like this, you can e-mail me, or PM me on here. I also have skype (janonaques), AIM (megabosu) and MSN (same as my e-mail), so feel free to drop me a note anywhere if you're interested or just want to ask a question. I'm around very often, so it likely will not take me too long to respond.

Let me know what you think, and feel free to give me any feedback!

Thank you~

- Jake Ganz

meow meow

2012-04-03 22:50:35 by Anigen

iiiii aaaamm aaaa caaaattt


2010-02-14 13:53:57 by Anigen

hey guys, my ol chum red.m just released his new album, caf&s. this album has a lot of history for many people and changed many lives, including mine. i even woke up on time and got a full sound 8 hours of sleep the night before this album. if i can actually sleep through a night with the faith redm's gonna deliver an amazing album the next day, you know it has to be good!

to check it out in robhalford's flash player, click here.

and don't forget to solve the mystery that leads to the discovery of a whole new legendary second disc that apparently contains even more songs and general badassery! put off your boring mundane lives and make sure to check this post to figure it out

you can do it guys im counting on you

seriously do it or i'll kill you


hi newgrounds, i had some things i wanted to tell you

i'm doing commissions for the holiday seasons! if you like my art and want to buy something on request go ahead and check out this journal! it may seem long and specific to deviantart, but you can also request a commission on this news post or by sending me a PM on here if you don't have an account on there.

speaking of my art, since the art portal was fixed up, my stuff ended up unscouted. so if anyone wants to do that, go ahead and check my stuff out on here and do whatcha want

and oh hey guys did you hear 4 day comic con passes sold out? yeah i know it's crazy isnt it
but you can still buy 4 1-day passes. sadly it might be different in price. i dunno i didnt check

anyway happy doing whatever you decide to do after reading this!

sp00ky VS the WOLFMAN is out

2009-10-26 19:33:34 by Anigen

some talented gents including and lead by my pal REDM created a new album the other day in the spirit of halloween! it's the third in the sp00ky album series so be sure to download the first two if you don't want to miss all the cool things in life and die angry!


i didnt take part in this because i deemed myself not awesome enough and was too ashamed and gay about my own musical shit but hopefully i'll be good enough to create something worthy next year for the next installment of Sp00ky B)

redm himself is a pretty cool motherfucker so if you like this album, i'd definitely recommend looking around for "Surfserpent", "Parable of a Monstrosity", and some of his other creations. you should also watch all of the GHOST OUT cartoons and look forward to his newest album coming soon probably to a frontpage near you

im shamelessly plugging which i normally dont like to do but this guy's stuff is worth it and so is the work of the other artists who worked on this like Kevin Studevant and the talented Farther Snake!!

as for my own work (because i feel guilty for making this entire post a plug) i just did 4 weeks of school work in one weeks time so yeah i've been pretty busy but im gonna draw a lot soon so yeah whatever

anyway CHECK ALL THAT SHIT OUT YEP ok bye love u guys

sp00ky VS the WOLFMAN is out

to all residents of florida

2009-09-07 13:27:09 by Anigen

keep this a secret but i might be living there soon

but yeah tell me if you live there

sorry i dont have anything useful to say in this post i really dont have anything worth talking about other than asking if people live in florida ok im done

if you're not interested in my comic con recap or are instead interested in my PROGRAMMER HUNT, it's at the bottom of this news bulletin.




i flew out at like 9. i was gonna fly to dallas, then to san diego as i do every year. PROBLEM WAS the plane was "broken." after two hours of sitting on the plane the captain and crew were finally just like "ok guys sorry we can't do this anymore everyone needs to get out good luck getting to your respective destinations lol!"

basically by this point they shuttled us into miami where we had an hour and a half to make our flight, and the travel time to the miami airport was like an hour and 20 so we had to cut it close by literally speeding through traffic and RUNNING to the baggage handlers and terminal. panting and out of breath, me and my dad then find out that THIS flight was ALSO delayed by 3 hours.

so after sitting around for a long time trying not to be bored and edgy, we finally board a flight to los angeles, which THEN took us to san diego. we ended up being like 7 hours behind schedule and i pretty much missed the first day of comic con. HOWEVER, i ended up cabbing out to a beach party, where i met J_Seed, Squeef and Ansel!

this party was thrown by Pen Ward of Adventure Time fame and Thurop Van Orman, the creator of Flapjack! i didn't talk much to either of them most of the party but i did meet Kirbopher, Lars Nielsen (Sugarpolyp), and briefly saw Tara Billinger (nosleepjinx) and Zach Bellissimo (seizuredemon) but i didn't end up talking to them that day. later on everyone's old pal RTIL showed up FASHIONABLY LATE in the bat mobile because ladies and gentlemen that motherfucker rides in style. he was too busy smoking a cigarette and wearing sunglasses to talk to me JUST KIDDING actually he came out and him, j_seed, squeef, ansel and i all chilled and took some really gay group photos together. these pictures yet again prove the point that i am extremely not photogenic; either that or i just naturally look like a faggot. IT WILL FOREVER BE A MYSTERY

the party ended but i talked to thurop van orman who had a beautiful heavenly voice. i shook his hand right after he pissed out a bonfire and got done being surrounded by like 30 people. surprisingly he knew me by my GAY INTERNET NAME because i comment on his deviantart journals and shit. very friendly guy though extremely swell

ansel's dad drove me and my dad back home with j ansel and squeef however there wasn't enough room in the car so as the youngest i was forced to lay across my favorite wacky 3 stooges. i ended up not balancing on them correctly and all my weight was on j. i think i broke his hand. :(


i got up early and didn't sleep much. i took a shower, didnt eat breakfast and ran outside to get in the HUGE comic con hotel bus line. i saw wonchop in the line and wanted to know if he wanted to split a taxi! sadly he didn't know who the fuck i was and generally ignored me which made me turn into a bundle of shame and sadness and heartbreak :'(

i ended up getting to the con in a free (?!) cab ride with some booth professionals. right when i got there i hit the ng booth (where no one was at), had some shitty con food and then headed for the Miyazaki line. i MYSTERIOUSLY snuck into the near-front of the line thereby somehow cutting like a thousand people. after a while i was sitting in place for line an hour and i got really sick of waiting in line. suddenly Tomamoto and Egoraptor appeared in front of the line and i was like WTF and got out of line to talk to them. the line still wasn't moving for like 30 minutes so i just kinda walked off with them.

later on, i had a run in with the ANIMATION POLICE because apparently it's a huge crime to choose hanging out with tomamoto and egoraptor over being in a crowded room with 6000 people when hiyao miyazaki happens to be in said room. i had my hands cut off because they deemed me unworthy of having the ability to make shit anymore. WELL THAT SUCKS

in the little crowd i was apart of appeared Ross O'Donnovan, Faye Mata (in some circles known as PrincessAurora, but in most circles known as "why is there a hot chick in comic con") and Monty Oum, who I did not know at the time, but later came to like and respect. seriously he's THE MAN.

we played some Tekken where i fucked tomamoto's metaphorical video game face up with my metaphorical video game dick (>:3) and then got my ass beat by Monty, who i found out is banned from tournaments for being too good. shortly after i got to meet SKRAGGY who ended up undoubtedly being one of my favorite people to meet. then me and toma went and looked for JEB who was also a really awesome guy who ive been looking to meet for a long time, dating back to my really gay star syndicate days!

later on somehow i ended up in nathaniel milburn's hotel room where we chilled and watched borat. i was there with ansel, j, bluehippo, poxpower, jeb, this dude who i thought was brycemilburn at first but ended up being a totally different awesome filmmaker named patrick, a killer fellow named ramses and a few other classy dudes. j left to go see the premiere of THIRST with rtil and jenna smith later on, hans came back with sucho and chilled and stayed with me, ansel and jeb. jeb bought us two pizzas because at this point we were really hungry. what a swell guy <3 ! i rode home with ansel and mr. Lies again.


i forget what i did this entire day but later on that night we went to an awesome party that Tom hosted. contrary to popular belief, i was not actually drunk! nor was i pretending to be drunk. you all just cant tell the difference B)

however i will say nath is a fucking cool dude no lies ;D ;D ;(

i walked out at the end with jeb rtil and jenna but we all went our seperate ways and i was like fuck this im not going back to my hotel alone so instead i found my way back to the place where everyone was still talking and i found toma, johnnyutah and SWAIN who were laughing at my rag-taggedy self for going with rtil and jeb and getting DITCHED like a BITCH.

they walked me back to the con center unlike SOME TBA CUNTS (>:o) and i got on my bus and went home. 3 days down one day to go and i had some tired fuckin feet.

list of people from memory who went to the party so im not forgetting to mention anyone because im lame:

J_Seed, Rtil, Squeef, Ansel, Joeybang, Egoraptor, Tomamoto, Skraggy, Rubberninja, Princess Aurora, Kirbopher, CZ_Backlash, Phets, Mike Ruocco, Jeb, Nath Milburn, Patrick, Jimtopia and the awesome Jimtopia crew, Jhonen Vasquez, The Swain, JohnnyUtah, Tom Fulp, Jenna Smith, Dan Paladin, Luis, AfroNinja, NegativeONE, HappyHarry, Poxpower, Nalem, Spanio and Jonas. hopefully i didn't forget too many but i probably forgot a few.


this was probably the most "to-the-point" day of comic con but it was still pretty cool. i met tara and zach finally which was pretty cool. i went to go watch some l4d2 playthroughs with Nalem, Spanio and a bunch of the other aforementioned people. also i cant remember if nando aka Fthreat was at the party but i also met him! he was really cool

i went to some burger place with HappyHarry and had an interesting conversation on life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and what not and then later on went to dinner at a really good Thai Place with a buncha dudes. me and nando were both broke by this point in the day so we split some pad thai and some of the other gracious fellows (particularly skraggy, faye and spanio) gave us some of their food. it was a pretty memorable session of eats :D

later on we went back out of town to ross/faye/skraggy/monty's hotel room and Monty showed me all of the DEAD FANTASY episodes as well as showing everyone a sneak preview of DEAD FANTASY 5, which was pretty damn sweet. i showed him Madness Bar Brawl too, which is pretty much the only notable thing ive ever been apart of to date. he liked it which was a compliment in itself considering the stuff he makes is a thousand times more epic than any of my doodley nonsense

finally we went back to ego/toma/harry's hotel room so they could shoot the second episode of GAMER TONIGHT LIVE. unfortunately i left within the first like 2 minutes of them filming shit. but it was still a cool night. it sucked to leave. yup.

but yeah that's comic con 09.


on my way back home, i ended up running into Hans and Jimtopia's gang at the airport. we hung out, drew on Jim's tablet, did a wacky sketch of sonic and robotnik in speedos (i hope this surfaces to the internet someday with perhaps some hilarious voice commentary) and ate some food until it was time for everyone to part.

on my way back i experienced yet ANOTHER fucking 3 hour delay and ended up getting stuck in Dallas, Texas for the night. we were pretty pissed not to be getting back home, but we ended up running into and ordering pizza with the legendary Leo Liebelman! he gave us one of his awesome prints and gave me some extremely inspirational art tips. we flew back the next morning with yet another (minor 10 minute) delay. not that bad but stacking onto the whole day we lost in travel, as well as the whole first day of comic con and a collective 11 hours of travel delays, yeah. it was just icing on the cake. we're never flying american airlines ever again roflmao

THE end.


there were a lot of people i sadly didn't get to see this year at comic con and a lot of new faces that i hope will go next year. i'm definitely going next year, year #4 dudes fuck yeah

i hope everyone that didn't go has the chance to go next year :(


OK FINALLY. if you were interested in my programmer hunt, this is where you need to be.

again, me, Lenko and RED.M are still looking for programmers for a giant fighting game we're going to make. for more info, refer to this post. and yes, for those who might ask, the programmer is still going to get far more of any sponsorship money that we get our hands on than anyone else working on the project, including us directors.

i'd tell you more about it but i don't want to mass-whore the game out to everyone just yet, especially not in a primarily comic-con news post. but yeah, if you're interested, the same rules still apply; leave a comment here or send a PM to me on newgrounds or deviantart or whatever you use.


- anigen

ps: this image below never fails to make me laugh

Comic Con 09, Hunting for Programmers

LOOKING FOR GOOD PROGRAMMERS also comic con in 5 days !

2009-07-18 15:01:56 by Anigen

ok, so me and some other people are looking for programmers for something really big. ACTIONSCRIPT programmers. if you're interested in checking this thing out, send me, RED.M, or Lenkobiscuit a PM on newgrounds, deviantart... whatever you use. or if you're at comic con and you see me or possibly redm there and you're interested, don't be shy; even though ive been told i have sharp looking teeth i dont bite people only live bears

i'd put more info in here about this MYSTERIOUS project but i kinda dont want to for reasons i will explain to people who apply for this.

also, i'm gonna be at comic-con in san diego this year for all 4 days! hope to see you there unless you're a jerk in which case i hate you i hope you get run over by a bike cab dickface >:O

but yeah. what hotels are you fine fellas staying at im genuinely curious here

edit: the-exp made a pretty good point. i guess i have to give you guys some kind of degree of information as to what this thing is all about:

It's a good-sized fighting game. Me, Lenko and REDM are directing it... It has a pretty decent number of artists which is growing in count still. The project hit a wall not too long ago and we lost a few people but we're picking it back up and building it back to what we wanted it to be. It's a fighting game. Unrelated to the RWD. The aforementioned directors are also artists.

The programmer is likely to get a good amount of creative control... no one is really definitively an "underling", though, everyone's allowed to make suggestions, but the decision making is solely up to the directors. and not to wave sponsorship money in people's faces, but if there is a sponsorship on this game, (which we're definitely going to be looking for), the programmer was thought out to have a pretty large share.

it's imperative that you can program AI as well. way way way imperative.