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Hellbenders Christmas/Looking for animation work?

2012-12-25 18:45:11 by Anigen

Hey Newgrounds,

Us dudes at Studio Yotta worked with Zach Hadel and Chris O'Neill on their most recent episode of Hellbenders. Feel free to check it out, a lot of work from all of us went into it and it was pretty exciting to have had it all ready to go for yesterday.

On that note, Yotta is always looking to meet animators who are interested in doing paid animation work on various projects. There's lots of work to do, so if you're interested in working with us, please e-mail us here at our current e-mail address with a sample of your portfolio and animation work - we'd love to hear from you! I'm not sure how many animators roam around here these days but I figured it'd at least be worth a shot to check.

Regardless, Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year~

Hellbenders Christmas/Looking for animation work?


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2012-12-25 18:55:32

I <3 Pedo Jesus


2012-12-26 11:55:48

I worked hard on that voice Apa...


2012-12-26 14:47:47

I was wondering how Zach and Chris pulled that one out their ass so fast, now I know! Nice Job!


2013-05-31 14:25:50

u r a q t